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Standard Plastic Extrusions

In addition to a wide range of custom-made PVC extrusions, D W Plastics has the tooling for a variety of high-quality, standard, made-to-order plastic extrusion products. We do not hold stock but attempt a quick turnaround from date of order to delivery, normally within 2 to 3 weeks.

White plastic profiles made from rigid PVC, such as self-adhesive mini-trunking, partition joints and division bars, angle profiles used for beading, corner covers, guards and protectors, capping and edging trims (J and C joints), H and T-sections, U-channels and plastic strapping are available in different sizes. Please see the photos below to view some of the standard extrusion products.

Minimum order quantities (MOQ) vary according to the profile. For a list of standard PVC profiles visit our Standard Extrusion Product List to see if we have a product that suits your specification. Please enquire for price information. 

If the PVC profile you require is not listed, please get in touch with us to see if we can help further.

2.4mm division bar extruded from white UPVC   DWP01025
38mm wide plastic mini trunking with clip off top for hidding cables 3m long   DWP01460
3mm capping section in white rigid plastic   DWP01095
F Section is one of D W Plastics standard extrusion products   DWP01016
Large plastic corner section   DWP01002
Plastic mini trunking, 16mm, 25mm, and 38mm wide available, with or without self-adhesive tape
Plastic U-section edging product   DWP01156
Rigid plastic angle section, external and internal available, in various sizes
Small UPVC division bar extrusion   DWP01018
Small white plastic cover section   DWP01015
Top part of co-extruded division bar to fit two and a half mm board   DWP00912
UPVC Extrusion used in wall cladding   DWP00720
2-part division bar for 8mm to 10mm board   DWP01150/1149